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The debate is served: Glass half empty or glass half full? It all depends on how much we want to look at it. But what is clear is that a club with 2 years of history must be happy.

Victory has not been achieved in any of the 9 Second Phase matches. It doesn't matter. The important thing is to be able to compete against the 5 best teams, and against some of them the victory in the first phase has already been added. Indeed, against the CBT it was won and forcefully on January 30, 2023. That is, just 4 months ago. It is evident that a competition phase to be champions requires a plus from both the club, the players and the families, since we lack experience to face a scenario like the one at hand. But it is clear that competing against TERESIANES, CBT, EL VENDRELL, TORREDEMBARRA or PARE MANYANET is a privilege that our players and coaching staff have earned. In these matches of the 2nd phase, the complete roster of players has NEVER been had. In any match: either due to injury or family reasons, different players have not been available. In addition, 2 new players have been incorporated who are having a lot of playing and training minutes. We stay with the glass half full, and we think that we can fill the other half of the glass. As? Well, if we continue working as a club to train our players so that they improve in their individual game, and that they improve in their collective game.

The players have talent and the capacity to continue learning and to continue training, and always looking for High Performance as a goal.


The month of May is the last month of federation competition. Our U16 Team has 5 games ahead, which are all of the second round of the Second Phase that can give access to the Final Four for the title. The GOLDEN TEAM also has 5 matches: 2 against CB SALOU, and against CB CORNELLÀ, MONJOS and ÀGUILES. Finally, the U12 Team has only one match this month, and we'll see what finally happens with the U18.

The balance of the previous months of competition is of clear sporting growth, since starting with the U12 Team they have gone from almost always going with 5 players to being able to become 9 or even 10 players in a match. All U12 matches are competitive and important results have been achieved against CB VALLS, CB CAMBRILS or LA SALLE DE TARRAGONA. About the GOLDEN TEAM we see a clear positive evolution: from the chaotic and disastrous start we have gone on to a team that now knows how to compete. Much of this has to do with the fact that we have managed to get the current coaching staff to seriously and rigorously direct both the training sessions and the matches. In addition, from the roster of players that began the preseason on August 17, 2022 to the roster that won in SANT PERE DE RIBES, there are only 3 players left, and those who have been arriving from December 31, 2022 to the present have been players who They add up and a lot: TON, YEISON, JUAN, CARRETERO and ALEJANDRO SÁNCHEZ who was the last to arrive. The 3 players that remain are KING, SERGIO and RAMON, and also PEDRO HIDALGO who arrived in November 2022. Unfortunately ALEIX SUBIRATS -who is still on leave- is long-term and has been missing the entire season since February 2023. He also The player MASSINA DIOP who, since March 15, 2023, has been missing and has not fulfilled his federative obligations and has not fulfilled his contractual obligations, continues with a federation license. There are five games that remain and to start this first week of May, 3 games will be played: CB CORNELLÀ, CB SALOU TERESIANES and MONJOS. A week with 3 games as if it were a week of playoffs for the title. Forward.

We will finish this informative piece by reflecting on the five games that the U16 Team will have against EL VENDRELL, CBT, TERESIANES, TORREDEMBARRA and MANYANET. Without a doubt, the first five games could not be prepared in the best conditions, among one thing and another, but the next five are being prepared with rhythm, intensity and competitive desire. We hope and wish that the environment helps to find the appropriate competitive scenario. In 3 weeks these five games must be played, and to start this week EL VENDRELL and CBT are waiting for us.



The team that has been trained by JOAQUIM PÉREZ-ALARCÓN with BERNI RUBIO for 3 weeks today scored its first victory against SANT PERE DE RIBES. It was the 21st day, and the 8 available players played a real part both in defense and attack (89 points at the end of the match when the team had 59 points per game).

From the start, the starting five formed by ÀLEX, TONI, YEISON, JUAN and KING set a frenetic pace in attack and remarkable consistency in defence. At the end of the first quarter the result was very attractive: 25 to 21. We have to say that the match had to be played in SANT PERE DE RIBES since the municipality of LA CANONJA is celebrating the Municipal Festival. The second quarter was once again a scene of a lot of scoring and at the break we reached 52 to 38 for the men coached by PÉREZ-ALARCÓN. Without a doubt, the GOLDEN TEAM had never reached the break with 52 points scored. For example, against REUS PLOMS it was 41-28 (+13 at halftime), but the feelings today were very, very different from the day of REUS PLOMS. As expected, the RIBES in the third quarter and in front of their audience pressed the accelerator and managed to reduce the distance to 64-53, with a huge JOSEP AGUSTÍ who came off the bench to score in 26 minutes a total of 25 points. It seemed that the fourth period would be complicated, and so it was, since even though RIBES was placed at 6 points, as Dave King declared "when the opponent got to six points we stayed united, and that's what makes winning teams." Several times (69-62 or 71-64 the SANT PERE DE RIBES team pressed and very strong, but with an impeccable TONI RECASENS, YEISON, DAVE KING, ÀLEX CARRETERO in the final stretch, and especially JUAN ÀLVAREZ PEÑA both in defense and in attack, plus the good contributions of RAMON, SERGIO and SABA the victory was for the GOLDEN TEAM by 89-76. Pedro has not been able to play due to injury, but he has been on the bench helping as he always does. Great win for all.


On Holy Wednesday afternoon at the RIU CLAR ARENA, the ADT and the GOLDEN TEAM faced each other in the FIRST HOLY WEEK TOUR "TARRACONENSIS".

The game has been very even during all the periods (19-18 in the first quarter; 30-30 in the second quarter) and after the break it was when the team led by BERNI RUBIO today was able to get an income of even 9 points (33-42) but the ADT team has been solid and has reached the end of the third quarter with the score of 46-48 with a 2-point lead for the GOLDEN TEAM.

However, the zone defense of the ADT team has put the GOLDEN TEAM in difficulties and has achieved an advantage of 58-52 and 60-54, but thanks to 7 consecutive points from the North American point guard Michael Lovingood who has been invited for 3 weeks with our GOLDEN TEAM, the score was 60-57, and later again the ADT managed to lead the match 66-59 with an extraordinary MARC HERNÁNDEZ directing the game, as well as facing the basket (27 points ). A final rush from the GOLDEN TEAM has allowed them to reach 67-66 and the ball in favor to be able to score, but it has not been possible and the game has ended with that score.

For the GOLDEN TEAM we want to highlight the great work of YEISON (29 points today), JUAN, RAMON, SABA who have had an extraordinary commitment these days of Easter, as well as the U16 and U18 players, plus the guests Lovingood and Aleix Porta who made his debut in the friendly today with very good minutes.


MARC RUBIO VIVES was trained in the best quarry of basketball players in Europe: La Penya.

Since the middle of March 2023, he has joined as HEAD COACH of training techniques for players in lower categories. COACH MARC RUBIO will dedicate himself until the end of the season to come every Monday to lead the technical sessions for our players. MARC RUBIO in coordination with BERNI RUBIO and DAVE KING will carry out the training sessions of the formative categories (F) that need to technicalize individual aspects, and also aspects of collective play. There are 3 months left until the end of the season (April, May and June) and the season cannot be considered over, and for this reason the club's management has decided to bring in a technician to train. In addition to the arrival of MARC RUBIO, BERNI RUBIO has also occupied a place in the club's organization chart for a few days now, all to give more solidity to the training sessions and cause more intensity in the training sessions.


Extraordinary sporting event: FIRST HOLY WEEK TOURNAMENT CB CANTAIRES DE TORTOSA AGAINST GOLDEN TEAM FROM FARLAWSPORTS. Taking advantage of the stoppage of competitions that the FCBQ imposes these 2 weekends, the Tortosa-based club and FARLAWSPORTS decided to carry out their own tournament on the calendar: Easter Week. In this way, the two entities reach an agreement in which they establish the bases of future collaboration, and assume the commitment for the good of basketball and the players of both entities, to continue carrying out joint actions. The game was played in the pavilion known as "El Temple" and before some two hundred people the first two teams of the two basketball clubs faced each other on the track. In the image we see the CEO of our club together with the President of CB CANTAIRES, JOAN E. REVERTÉ AIXIMENO, presenting the two cups that were prepared for champion and runner-up.


 Trained in the lower categories of FOOTBALL CLUB BARCELONA and with an extensive career as a player in LEB ORO, PLATA and EBA, as well as an extensive career as a coach, JOAQUIM PÉREZ-ALARCÓN took over the management of the match against PALLEJÀ last week. The game was again a party for the public and the players, with "speaker" who made an extraordinary presentation as usual.

The PALLEJÀ players and coaching staff appreciated it and realized that the FIRST CATALAN is an excellent category. The team led by JOAQUIM stood up in the first two quarters. Indeed, in what has surely been ÀLEX CARRETERO's best game since he has been with the GOLDEN TEAM, since he managed the team well, and was also very successful in the triple (scoring 4).

The break was reached with 32-43. However, after the break, the GOLDEN TEAM players lacked strength and could not continue competing. In addition, players from lower categories had minutes.

Dave King did a great job: offensive and defensive.


Lluís Oliach Ortiz, born in 1975 and the most trusted person in the Peña i Nofuentes Family, as well as a psychologist by profession, last Wednesday made his first public performance as head of social and family management for our club.

First of all, we want to thank CANAL BLAU for inviting our CEO, David Peña i Nofuentes, and Lluís Oliach to be able to explain the training project that our club contains. As we will remember at the end of October 2022, said media outlet made serious accusations through a colleague, derogatoryly calling our club and first team a "conglomerate of people" and lacking principles and values.

Secondly, both Oliach and Peña were able to perfectly explain what (FAR) means, calling on the importance of the (F) Formation of young athletes as athletes who take care of themselves by eating sand and without smoking, making a living healthy and balanced.

But the most important thing is that Oliach officially takes the reins of the club's socio-sports management, and with his experience as a psychologist, he will undoubtedly be able to help both the lower categories and the first team from within. Oliach has always been linked to the sport of the basket (as a player in the 80s and 90s) and since the second decade of the 21st century as a father (two of his three sons are active in the lower categories of our club club). In addition to being a great person, with a very high intelligence to analyze human relations, and to be positive and constructive, since it is not for nothing that he is one of the best and most sought-after professionals in his professional field.


The team led by PERE FREIXES has experienced a notable improvement in these first two months of 2023. With a balance of 5 games played between January and February, the GOLDEN TEAM group has experienced a clear improvement both in the offensive field and especially in the defense. The offensive balance stands at almost 60 points scored per game, and the defensive one at 78.

Until the arrival of FREIXES and reinforcements such as YEISON, RECASENS, PEÑA or ÀLEX -who joined a week ago- the GOLDEN TEAM team scored few 50 points per game and received 90. The offensive production has increased by 10 points and the defense has cut more than 12. Without a doubt, it is the way to reach the long-awaited victory. In any case, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the matches against REUS PLOMS or ADT were dominated practically the entire match by the FREIXES men. Now it is usual to be ahead on the scoreboard for many minutes of the game, and compete until the end. Last day 68-78 and a final quarter from 24 to 17, and the feeling that if the game lasts 3 more minutes they end up winning. The sensations are good and the dynamics are clearly upward. We have no doubt that victories will come this March. In addition, in the last week MASSINA reincorporated, which since mid-December could not play matches due to ínjured. Without a doubt, with the incorporation of the Senegalese center, now the team has many options for good players on the bench. In the point guard position, the intelligent and strong point guard TONI RECASENS brilliantly directs the course, with the help of other point guards such as SERGIO, SABA or PEDRO, plus ÀLEX, we have up to 5 different player options. SABA, SERGIO, PEDRO and ÀLEX can alternate in escort positions. In all games there is a lot of intensity and quality in this position. The forward position seems destined for YEISON COLÓN together with JUAN DANIEL ÁLVAREZ PEÑA. They are two athletic, intense and forceful players, and with many points. In the inside game we have DAVE KING who can play both forward, power forward and center at times, and also RAMON FIGUERAS and MASSINA, who are two intense defensive players with scoring ability. If we add the shooter PURCALLA and the power forward ALEIX SUBIRATS we see that we have a high-level roster to face the next 3 months of competition. Much remains to be played and the best is yet to come.


THE U16 TEAM FINISHES THE FIRST PHASE AMONG THE BEST SIX IN THE PROVINCE OF TARRAGONA With a balance of 10 wins and 4 losses, the FARLAWSPORTS U16 players finish among the six best teams in their category. This means the right to continue dreaming of being in the FINAL FOUR. What began as an adventure into the unknown in September 2021 in February 2023 is already a reality.

The players masterfully directed by DAVE KING manage to move on to the second phase that will begin on the weekend of February 25 and 26, in a group in which they will once again face CBT, TORREDEMBARRA, plus PARE MANYANET, EL VENDRELL and TERESIANES. The first phase ended on Sunday, February 5, 2023 and after the victory on January 30, 2023 against CBT, without a doubt, with their homework done, and early in the morning (9:00 in the morning) the fourth defeat of the season, and the first defeat of the year 2023, which in January 2023 had all been victories against CB VALLS, REUS PLOMS, PARE MANYANET and CBT.



We insist that the result is not important. The result is the reflection of the work done.

First of all, we want to thank the CBT of Tarragona for allowing us to play at home in a game that we have not been able to play in our usual fiefdom. We did a silence minute in LOVING MEMORY for GERARD ESCODA I NOGUES (football player).

Secondly, we must highlight the work of the coaching staff and the players to be able to return to a scenario in which the last result was losing by 29 points. At 15 years old, it's not easy to manage emotions, but the cognitive work carried out this January with the players is clearly being efficient. Our players are maturing. The game was controlled from start to finish by the players masterfully directed, once again, by Dave King. The beginning was devastating with a 13-4 that left the CBT stands completely frozen. Surely the CBT expected another scenario like the one experienced in the first round match, but no: all the U16 players worked with care, rigor and seriousness. The distance on the scoreboard was always between 15 and 23 points. In the end, the victory was more than 20 points, but we repeat that it is not the most important thing. The essential core of the good work was the excellent balance: defense/attack. The victory also means that it is the 10th victory this season and the achievement of second place in the group, and the confirmation of going to the second phase to fight and compete for the championship.


NEXT MATCH: Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. against CB VILA-SECA in VILA-SECA.


On Saturday against REUS PLOMS and on Sunday against PARE MANYANET BÀSQUET they have formed a back-to-back games that have served to add two more victories. The 9 cadet players: ABELARDO, MARCOS, PEREIRA, DE PAZ, HUGO, DONATO, LLIBERT, GARCIA and NICO. These players masterfully directed by DAVE KING beat REUS PLOMS 56-40, which meant victory number 8 of the season. It was a complex game since it had to be played in the PAVILION of Reus Ploms, but our team being local. The reason was the local municipal festival of LA CANONJA. The first two quarters were dominated by the PLOMS team (24-25)- However, after the break, the players coached by DAVE KING got to work very focused and managed to tie at 30, and from that moment the set was 26-10 with an extraordinary mastery of both rhythm, rebounding and especially the defense.

The final result could have been more bulky, but in the end the 56-40 was enough to add the eighth victory of the season.


On Sunday morning, the PARE MANYANET BÀSQUET Pavilion in Reus was visited. The group made up of the same 9 players and directed by DAVE KING has had a dream first quarter to achieve a result of 4-18. A great mastery of attacking rhythm, as well as defensive pressure, has served to achieve this brilliant result in the first quarter. Later the second quarter came to have a score of 4-30. The local team, encouraged by their fans, got a 11-4 run to finish 15-34 at BREAK. During the third and fourth quarters, the team prepared and led by DAVE KING managed to continue to maintain control over the rhythm of the game, and the final score was 32-65.


After this victory, the U16 Team stands with 9 wins and 3 losses after 12 games played, and in a very high state of physical shape and mental shape.


 Prestigious victory of our cadet players on the CB VALLS track. In a gala setting such as one of the best tracks in the province of Tarragona, our U16 players took the victory and there are already seven. The team led by DAVE KING at 10:45 in the morning jumped onto the CB VALLS track with the red kit and wanting to show that it is a serious contender.

Indeed, the team started seriously on defense, and all nine (9) Team U16 players knew that the game was being streamed live. Without a doubt, they gave it their all and from 0-3, the pace of the match was always that of the U16s. A cold match, but controlled from start to finish by the FARLAWSPORTS players, who showed that they can if they want to, and they showed it again yesterday.


1.- REBOUND CONTROL: PEREIRA 15 rebounds (9 defensive and 6 offensive) MARQUI 6 rebounds (All defensive) DE PAZ 12 rebounds (6 offensive and 6 defensive), DONI 8 rebounds (3 offensive and 5 defensive) LLIBERT 6 rebounds ( 2 offensive and 4 defensive) GARCÍA 7 rebounds (4 offensive and 3 defensive) HUGO 1 offensive rebound NICO 1 defensive rebound ... total 49 rebounds (19 offensive and 30 defensive).

2.- RHYTHM: Fundamental offensive control and they ran when they had to run, and they stopped when they had to stop.


It's practically a vacation but our players from the U16 and U18 Teams have been training normally, and this shows COMMITMENT, SERIOUSNESS AND DESIRE TO WORK.

The very high level of commitment of the players of the U16 and U18 Teams is so high that it has been demonstrated on these Christmas dates when almost all of the players have come to train in the sessions that, like every Christmas, serve to review basic basketball concepts that are essential so that players of training age can continue to improve and enjoy at the same level. The motivational aspect is essential at these ages, and our club knows enough about it to provide the keys to (F) Cognitive training and mental commitment that allow young talents to continue enjoying themselves. A picture is worth a thousand words and here we have the image after the final moment of training.



The last two weeks have been hectic and after the resignation of the previous Technical Director, it will be our CEO, David Peña i Nofuentes, who will assume the duties of Sports Management. At the moment, last week a coach was hired who is fully available to direct all the GOLDEN TEAM sessions, PERE FREIXES being in charge of this challenge. On the other hand, after the voluntary withdrawals of the players Esteller -who due to injury has only been able to be lined up for two short periods in two games out of the eleven played- and Cañete -who alluded to personal reasons-, point guard Toni Recasens and the guard Yeison Colón, who have committed for the next three seasons.

Our CEO is used to complicated, difficult and major challenges and will combine CEO functions with sports management functions. His extensive experience as a lawyer for athletes and sports entities allows him to carry out both functions to perfection, as has been demonstrated by finding a coach -with whom he had already been in conversation for months- and incorporating two players who will rejuvenate the squad of remarkable way, since Recasens is 23 years old and Cañete was 26, while Yeison Colón is 31 and Esteller was 50 years old. Our entity wishes the best to the players who have voluntarily resigned, and welcomes newcomers with open arms, with Colón wearing number 22 and Recasens number 2.


4 and a half months have passed since the GOLDEN TEAM started in mid-August 2022, and only KING, RAMON, SERGIO, ALEIX and ALEJANDRO remain on the team.

It is evident that coach PERE FREIXES wants to work and for this reason, as soon as he was introduced, he had a first work meeting at the PEÑA I NOFUENTES ADVOCATS headquarters, together with several of the GOLDEN TEAM players, to explain his idea of ​​basketball to them. defensive and offensive basketball, and convey the work plan for these coming weeks that will have intense training sessions plus a friendly match and everything to best prepare for the next match on January 14, 2023 against CB ÀGUILES from SANTA COLOMA DE QUERALT .

There are almost two and a half weeks before that decisive game, and without a doubt, PERE FREIXES' work stamp could already be breathed in the work meeting.

The CEO of our club is also carrying out a remarkable management from the offices and yesterday two players joined: PEDRO HIDALGO who signed until the end of the season with the option of another one, and ANTONI RECASENS who signed for 3 seasons, both had already shared some sessions training with the group, and in the case of PEDRO HIDALGO initially had a 1-month contract, and after verifying the very high human quality, involvement and seriousness, both parties -club and player- decided to extend the relationship until the end of the season with the option to another season. In the case of RECASENS, after some training sessions, and verifying the good harmony, it has been decided to sign the contract until June 2025, since the idea is that the players born in 1999 -like MAMADOU- are the base of the team that within a few seasons compete in LEB.


The new coach is backed by a long career, and last season he coached Reus Ploms in the Copa Catalunya where he teamed up with Dave King.

Pere Alexandre Freixes Guerrero was born in 1978 and has had a long trajectory at banquets since 1994 until today. You are the titles that the FCBQ demands to be able to be a coach, and perfectly know Catalan basketball, and assume the repte with courage and personal and human commitment. From a basketball point of view, the new top manager of the GOLDEN TEAM likes to defend fort, with intensity in 40 minutes, and more to more, rapid attacks and many verticals. The coach had the setmanes that he saw the games of the GOLDEN TEAM and will sign the contract before Nadal and now has had the first meeting with the squad of the first team Farlawenc, who have shown a good relationship with the new coach.


The first phase of the minibasketball category competition ends and it does so with a victory for OUR U12 SUPERPLAYERS against AE LA SALLE.

The victory is absolutely deserved, and the effort has been rewarded. Our players are VICTORIA, DULCE, CARLA, CAROLINA, MARTINA, KATALEHIA, ISABELLA, SARAH and AYA, plus MARIÁNGEL and NICOLE. A real luxury team that has helped strengthen the U14 Team on many occasions.



With the taste of having carried out a job well done, it is like the night of December 21, 2022, both the coaching staff and the U18 and U16 players who reinforced the U18 went home.

Finally, the six (6) junior players available plus another six (6) cadet players were able to play to have a roster of twelve (12) players on the record, and in this way provide efficiency to the human resources that must be present in a dock. Something basic but that sometimes costs. The game started with the usual difficulty in scoring, and with a very intense 2-3 defense, well worked by the five on court, and which caused the rival team to be unable to score easily (6-15).

The second quarter followed almost the same paths as the first quarter and halftime was reached with a score of 13-29. The match seemed doomed and some face in the public seemed to be convinced that the defeat would be much wider still. But at halftime the tables turned. The same starting five as in the first quarter but with a more intense march, and thus, defense by defense, gradually, with care and tenacity and a strong defense allowed us to see that the distances were closing until reaching 30-37 with which that third period ended, being the partial 17-8 and a clear dominator: FARLAWSPORTS. The faces of the players were happy and believing in themselves. There was a whole room ahead and there was a magnificent setting to enjoy basketball. The fourth period began with a 4-0 run and in the light we saw a 34-37. At that time the partial of the second half was 21-8. The faces of all the attendees were perplexed, since from 13-29 to 34-37 the FARLAWSPORTS players had undergone a true metamorphosis, but a very positive and beneficial one.

Our players made an effort until the end and were close to achieving the goal of victory, thanks to a great defense that only conceded 19 points in the 2 quarters of the second half but in the end the victory was taken by the TERESIANAS team by 38-48, who scored a vital triple with 1 minute to go and despite the fact that many actions took place in that last minute (dead time for each team, attack actions, defense actions...) it was not achieved the objective of winning the match, but the objective of competing in it was achieved.


Nothing more and nothing less than six (6) games were played last Saturday for our club. It is the day in our history that we have played the most games and even the U14 Team played two (2) games.

Basketball doesn't stop for our club. Last Saturday, 6 games were played by the different teams, both from the lower categories and from the first men's team, GOLDEN TEAM. At 9:30 in the morning in LA SELVA DEL CAMP the U14 team started the day and simultaneously the U16 Team did it in LA CANONJA "FARLAWSPORTS ARENA". Later, at 12:30 pm, the U12 TEAM played against CLARET, and the U18 TEAM played at LA SELVA DEL CAMP. They were intense trips with a lot of concentration in which our coaching staff gave their best to continue (F) Training and (A) Accompanying our players. As always, the important thing is our players and players. At 3:00 p.m. the U14 played again and this time at home against CANTAIRES DE TORTOSA, being the prelude to the match of our GOLDEN TEAM, which once again played at home against ELS MONJOS.

The GOLDEN TEAM match began with our spectacular SPEAKER "the one who speaks" presented to the visiting team and the rival team. Later, more of the same 15-15 and then a "FLAT ENCEPHALOGRAM" partial to go almost 27 below on the scoreboard. The players gave their all but it wasn't enough to be able to compete in the game, but the improvement is evident. The public really enjoyed the match and the publicity sessions typical of the important event held.


For the first time so far this season the GOLDEN TEAM wins the first quarter of an official match. Let's not forget that in a friendly against CB LA SELVA the victory in the first quarter was 17-23. Gala atmosphere with an excellent presentation by the "speaker" (the one who speaks) that you can see on our YouTube channel.

The first quarter ended with the result of 21-18, after reaching a 14-6 lead with 4 minutes to go before the end of the first quarter. It was in a spectacular first quarter in which it stood out that the starting five played the entire first quarter without changes and without any rotation, except for one player who entered with 20 seconds to go. Four of the five players from the starting five scored in the first quarter, but despite noticing a remarkable physical superiority in height, the GOLDEN TEAM set did not know how to prevail in controlling the defensive rebound, nor in controlling the pace of the game. Therefore, all the effort of the first quarter was paid off in spades during the second quarter, which was lost by 17 to 23, which led to the half-time break (HALF TIME) with a global score of 38 to 41. In fact, the visitors were so superior in the second quarter that they had a seven-point lead (27-34 and later 34-41). The start in the second quarter of the visiting team was overwhelming: 1-10. It was very noticeable that the initial quintet was not fresh or rested, while the visiting fifth starter had already completely rotated. The third quarter was even worse for the local team that conceded a 12-19 run. During the third quarter there is always a spectacular physical drop in the GOLDEN TEAM, and usually it is the fourth already known as "FLAT ENCEPHALOGRAM", although on other occasions it appears at the beginning of the fourth period. In this case, the third period started with a 6-8 run, but in an unfortunate play a local player was sent off, and also the visiting team had several free throws of which they scored five of the six attempted, and a gap was opened in the score (44-53) being an already insurmountable gap (50-60) at the end of the third quarter. The last quarter was a want and I can't for the GOLDEN TEAM who had a moment of pride and after losing by 17 (54-71) they came to cut 65-72 after a run of 11-1 with 8 points from the same player who, after At that point in the match, it seemed like he was playing for himself and increasing his stats.

In the end: defeat without palliatives by 71-86, and in the locker a donut in victories for 10 defeats.

The best player of the game was JERE IDOM -in the picture with our Presidents-.


The players coached by Dave King achieved their sixth win of the season and their second at home.

The team shows that it is one of the most consolidated in the category. Victory in REUS PLOMS: very cold early in the morning.

The team won 3 of the 4 quarters: 15-19, 19-20, 9-10 and lost the quarter 12-11. At one point in the second quarter, our U16 TEAM had a score of 20-30 in favor, but at halftime it reached 34-39. During the third quarter, the locals were 43-41 with the score in favor, but we were able to dominate the game in defense with a 2-3 zone with PERERIA in front with DONI, and behind HUGO-ANGEL-NICO. At the end of the third quarter 43-49 the rent has increased by 1 point. In the fourth quarter, the locals tightened up and got to 3 (53-56) with 3 minutes to play, but our players managed to maintain their concentration again and the 3 players with the most offensive ability ended up scoring 3 consecutive baskets , while in the defensive part the 2-3 zone has worked quite well.




The team coached by ROGER ESTELLER I JUYOL is in a growth phase. After an absolutely dysfunctional preseason in which up to seven senior players have had to leave the project due to their tremendous inability to understand our club's philosophy, since other players have gradually been arriving since October who understand the way of doing things and the way of work for our club, with the first team being the greatest exponent.

The improvement in terms of play began to arrive in the fourth period in Pallejà 3 days ago. Subsequently, the process of consolidation in the game was ostensibly noted against CB Viladecans -a match that served for the players of the La Canonja handball club to come and enjoy the formative sport par excellence: basketball-. However, last Sunday in Sant Pere de Ribes and after the expedition "walked" through the municipality until it finally found the Sports Center where the game was played, we were able to attend the best game in terms of defensive level and offensive offered by the Golden Team players, and in which they really had a chance to win in the final result. In any case, the positive note was that the team won the second quarter with a run of 18-21, and in the third quarter it was tied at 19. It is true that the second quarter was also won against ADT (18-17). , but the rest of the quarters were lost. We can remember the ADT game as a "romantic" weekend. Within the absurdities of a surreal scenario, that weekend an important player could not come to the game, which caused another player who had not been able to play more than a few minutes in the fifth game of the season -and in that game his contribution was that he ended up expelled for 2 techniques indicated by a simulation of a foul-, since that player took a role that was not foreseen and threw himself into the shoes. Of course, as a player who was presumed to be important and who had had an irregular preseason ((with almost an average of 8 turnovers per game) he was injured in the knee -serious problem for a basketball player-, and with the "romantic trip" , because the scenario was chaotic and the player who played took too many minutes and all the shots of the game.That lamentable philosophy dragged on in the following games in which that player continued to shoot and shoot as if he were in a virtual 2K game.

But let's go back to the game in Sant Pere de Ribes -whose name could be "a Sunday walking from venue to venue in Sant Pere de Ribes"- since both our CEO and our DT could not easily find the location of the facility, which, True, it hosted the game at siesta time (3:45 p.m.).



It is clear that if the concentration improves and refines, everything goes much better. We also don't want to forget that against CB El Morell they also won the second quarter (18-14) and several three-pointers were available to widen that difference, but it is clear that our first team is under construction, and against RIBES in addition to winning the second quarter because the third was tied, and in the fourth the classic "PÁJARA ESTILO INDURÁIN" also known as "ENCEPHALOGRAMA PLANO" entered and a partial start of 10-0 was conceded that, without a doubt, left the game sentenced with a score of eight points in favor with 5 minutes to go. Now, despite that distance, the game could be tied at 70 with 22 seconds to go. PORTER, KING and SERGIO were intense in attack and defense, and tied the game with 22 seconds remaining. However, the local team scored a basket to make it 72-70, and in the end, and with just over 1 second to play, a timeout was called to have the last shooting action, but it is obvious that luck is not there. on the side of our team and the 8-meter triple well he made the tie -in a clear sign that the tie is pure elegance- and the triple did not enter. When the match ended, neither ROGER ESTELLER nor DAVID PEÑA -CEO of the club- wanted to make statements for CANAL BLAU, the channel in which a coach and journalist last October decided to interfere in the right to honor of our club and of our players.


Highly disputed match between the U16 Team directed and prepared by DAVE KING and CB CAMBRILS. The match has served to show that all the players are indispensable and that all the players must be clear about their role.

The match began at 9:30 a.m. like all U16 Team matches, but previously the two teams were introduced over the public address system, which was wonderful for the motivation of both teams. The players that Dave King prepares began, as usual, somewhat "asleep" with a 2-6 scoreline but gradually they offered their best offensive and especially defensive version. The defensive intensity was key, once again, to put distance on the scoreboard (15-10 at the end of the first quarter). The second quarter was much better for the local FARLAWSPORTS players and they came to double the partial score (16-8) for a 31-18 after two baskets by the farlawer point guard Donato, but finally after two good actions by the visitors they came up with a 31-22 at halftime (HALF TIME).

However, the visiting team worked hard, with intensity and seriousness and with a good coach who proposed different defensive and offensive actions, and came to close the gap on the scoreboard during the third quarter: 43-37, but a new push from the farlawers and a three-pointer from NICO served to reach the end of the period with a 49-41 score highlighting the balance between the game inside the paint (Pereira and Marcos scored baskets) and the outside game. In defense again, and before the slogan "D-FENSE" from the public, the 2-3 press with the 2-1-2 variant gave good results.

The fourth half was once again intense and a good job was done by both teams, since neither wanted to give up. The final score was 64 to 57 with a three-pointer from the visitors. In the final stretch of the match, the players masterfully coached by DAVE KING knew how to manage possessions and the pace of the match well.

SCORERS: MARCOS (2), PEREIRA (6), DE PAZ (26), DONATO (12), HUGO (-), NICO (3), ANGEL (-), LLIBERT (15)


 ROGER ESTELLER I JUYOL, our Technical Director, begins this week the round of tests that he carries out on the players of our club. SWITCH ON SPORTS is an indelible part and also essential to be able to know the state of motivation of our players, once the first quarter of the season has passed.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that a historical player in the ACB League is the person in charge of technically directing our five teams and the csi 75 players, and this is carried out thanks to the scientifically and university-validated motivational analysis tool that is SWITCH ON SPORTS. In addition, this same week ESTELLER carried out an exclusive Clinic, co-organized between our club and FEDERACIÓ CATALANA DE BÀSQUET, related to the motivation of the player in training when training and playing with the first team, being our leading club in decision-making regarding for lower category players to be summoned by the GOLDEN TEAM that this year plays in the Catalan Primera.


The team masterfully led by DAVE KING added a hard-fought 51-49 victory against one of the best teams in the group: CB VILA-SECA.

The first quarter was dominated by the visiting team, who with more experience had control of the rhythm of the game. During the second quarter, the FARLAWSPORTS cadet players were more in tune, but the visiting team reached the break ahead on the scoreboard, thanks to its defensive solidity. In the third quarter the improvement of the KING players was notorious and this caused the score to come closer, but despite this the visitors continued to lead in the light (31-37) with 6 points that seemed like a decisive gain. However, with a fourth and final period dominated from start to finish by our players, we reached the final score of 51-49, becoming the score of 51-44 with 1 minute to go, which meant a 21-7 run. , reaching a final 21-12 in that fourth period, to show that the players have a high capacity for work and mental strength.


An absolute luxury for our players from the teams: ACADEMIA, U12, U14, U16 and U18. The Family of Players and Players continues to grow every week, and this is thanks to the excellent work of our coaches and especially to the figure of the best Technical Director that any basketball club could aspire to have:

ROGER ESTELLER I JUYOL, leading its motivational analysis tool. Every Wednesday from 1:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ROGER ESTELLER directs the GOLDEN TEAM sessions. The training is divided into two parts: physical and technical-tactical. ESTELLER applies the methods that gave him so much success as a player for FC Barcelona, ​​TDK Manresa, UNICAJA DE MÀLAGA, BASKONIA, among other teams and, of course, the 1999 Spanish National Team that won a medal in EUROBASKET, directed by LOLO SAINZ.

Subsequently, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the sessions will be conducted, together with DAVE KING, ANTONIO CAÑETE and other club technicians, both from the ACADEMY and from the U12, U14, U16 and U18 Teams. In addition, the most important and essential thing for our club is the cognitive analysis and the motivational state of our players.


The team led by DAVE KING has known the third victory and this time against a magnificent rival that last season was in the FINAL FOUR of Category "A": Pare Manyanet bàsquet.

In the first quarter the U16 players were solid in defense and very successful in attack and this allowed an advantage of 21 to 2. To see the first quarter you can see it from this link (link) of our YOUTUBE Channel.

But during the second quarter we saw the best version of the visiting team and this quarter ended with a partial of 12-12 (33-14), seeing that the visitors are a solid team and well managed from the bench, and again we can see the second quarter from our youtuber channel in this link.

After HALF TIME, the DAVE KING players gave their all and won 24-14, showing that against demanding opponents you have to maintain intensity, especially after the break, being possible to see the QUARTER in this link.

Finally, during the fourth and final period the players continued to score and defend, to get the third victory in Category "A", which is very good in these first four games played.

Our TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, ROGER ESTELLER I JUYOL, was on the bench throughout the game, along with Dave King, and CEO David Peña i Nofuentes, to analyze the evolution of our players.


In the GOLDEN TEAM's first home game, the first rival declined the invitation, but CB EL MORELL on matchday 6 was the first team to come with its board of directors, PRESIDENT MRS. ROSA MARÍA SANCHEZ PÉREZ accompanied by the TREASURER MR. FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ.

The meal was held at the CORONADO RESTAURANT, which is a sponsor of our club.

The members of the FARLAWSPORTS BOARD were present at the evening, who were the President, DONATO PEÑA JULIAN, the Secretary CARMEN NOFUENTES MARTÍNEZ, as well as the CEO DAVID PEÑA I NOFUENTES, accompanied by the Director of Advertising, IRENE PEÑA NOFUENTES.

In addition, after the meal, the ROW 1 seats were made available to boards of directors and collaborators and sponsors, so that the exciting matches of this basketball competition can be followed in detail.


The U12 Team brilliantly coached by Antonio Cañete will open the weekend of the matches. The team made up of players of the year 2012 and two players of the year 2016 is making great strides. Last Wednesday against CALAFELL we could see how 4 different players from our team scored, and others got good rebounds. The most important thing: chemistry (We are more than a Family).

Next Saturday's rival is CLARET de VALLS. On the same Saturday, the U16 Team led by Dave King will face Pare Manyanet, which is a tough rival that this season has not started too well, but last season it was one of the 4 finalists of Level A of Territorial Cadets of Tarragona .

On Saturday at 4:15 p.m. the GOLDEN TEAM will receive CB EL MORELL. Beforehand, the boards will hold a meal of brotherhood and fraternity to strengthen ties for and for basketball. Relations with CB EL MORELL have always been good since the preseason.

The U18 Team will close the weekend of matches -which has lost 2 of the team's captains- and they will go to the El Serrallo court to face the CBT.


The video circulates on the YOUTUBE platform and lasts six minutes and fifty-one seconds, during which the coach TONI CUEVAS BIS dedicated himself to using derogatory words to refer to our players "a conglomeration of people that I insist I do not want to call a team" and in allusion to young players defined them as "they don't even have the level to be in our C-level teams".

The most notable contempt came when Mr. TONI CUEVAS literally said that he did not even know the name of the club, and as we say, the most serious thing is when he said that our club lacks principles and values.

On different occasions, the SAMÁ VILANOVA coach defined our CEO, David Peña i Nofuentes, as a "showman" and that he felt "ashamed of others" for him. He also described as "grotesque", "representation accompanied by ROGER ESTELLER", as well as "I am against this team being in the First Catalan".

FARLAWSPORTS condemns every kind of insult, contempt, and manifestation of hatred that Mr. TONI CUEVAS performed in this television program. Respect for people is basic, and actions like those of this gentleman cannot be tolerated.




The cadet category players were magnificent in the first home game of the season against CB Valls, a rival whose first team plays in the EBA LEAGUE. The first quarter ended 9-5. The defensive intensity was very high for both teams and at all times there was struggle and dedication. The second quarter ended 28-11 and it seemed that in the HALF TIME everything was already done, and that relaxation could come, and for this reason CB Valls was in charge of showing that they are a solid and serious team and they closed the distance until 34-23. The fourth and final quarter began with a 5-0 scoreline for the players led by King, who, following the instructions of the coaching staff, managed to reach the end with a 47-33 victory.


The fourth official game of the season began like the previous 3: the rival soon took the lead in the light. This time it was 11-2. However, thanks to the good defensive actions, as well as offensive actions, a partial of 1-11 was achieved to place us 11-13 and possession for the GOLDEN TEAM.

We were in the final stretch of the first quarter and a good job has been achieved that shows that the training sessions are bearing fruit.

Once again the best of the game was DAVE KING with 20 points in attack and good actions in defense.

The outstanding note is that CARLES DOMINGO of the U18 Team made his debut and good actions were seen from this versatile and brave player. For his part, DIEGO REYES made his debut as a scorer in the FIRST CATALAN, with a basket of 2 points.


Last Tuesday the EUROCUP kicked off at the BADALONA OLYMPIC PAVILION and our CEO, David Peña i Nofuentes, attended the first game of the Verdiblancos against BRESCIA. In a fast-paced match, the victory fell on the local side with a great performance by PAU RIBAS who, at the end of the match, took a photo with our CEO and the player ALEXIS JUNIOR, 6 years old, belonging to Our Academy of U8 players ( less than 8 years old). Let us remember that the teams train with t-shirts provided by the social work of the DONAMUS FOUNDATION, which is a Foundation that, together with the PEÑA I NOFUENTES FAMILY FOUNDATION, is carrying out extraordinary work by and for the sport of the youngest.


Our U18 team will play versus CUNIT. This is the first game four our team in our court. CUNIT is 1-1 (loss against AMPOSTA and won versus EL MORELL). We have a lot of injured players and for this reason U16 players will help U18 team, because U16 team won´t play this week-end.

U12 Team will play against SANT PAU School. The coach Antonio Cañete is happy because this week her players were working hard for understanding all details about basketball skills.

Finallly, the GOLDEN TEAM will play on Sunday against CB EL PRAT. This game will be third game and ROGER ESTELLER wanna show more energy during the game in this FIRST CATALAN league.


Our U16 team did it again and win over CB CAMBRILS in GAME 1. The last season the U16 team won and this new season the players did it again.

In a hard game, our players loss the first quarter by 12-11. The staff and the players played with good energy and only received 3 points in the second quarter. We too advantage.


This weekend in early October has served us to meet up with old friends from last season. We wish you all the best. The debut of the U12 team was an absolute success without precedent. The players put into action the kick-off play, in addition to defensive actions and offensive actions. It was a wonderful match that ended with a family meal meeting. We are more than a Family.

The team was brilliantly led by Antonio Cañete, and represented by our U12 Delegate, Rafa Reyes. It is noticeable that the chill is coming and some of our players were discharged due to colds. A very strong hug for all of them.


On Saturday, October 1, 2022, the U12 TEAM trained by ANTONIO CAÑETE will debut. The U12 team is female and is made up of 10 players. The debut will be against TGN-SAGRAT COR in the PAVILION of the TGN-SAGRAT COR team in the morning. At 4:15 p.m. the GOLDEN TEAM will play against ADT in an exciting CLASSIC and at 7:30 p.m. our U18 TEAM will visit the TORREDEMBARRA track. Finally, on the morning of Sunday, October 2, the U16 TEAM will debut against CB CAMBRILS, the same rival that our club played the first match against in the 2021/2022 season, the year of our debut as a club. WE ARE MORE THAN A FAMILY.


The Catalan 1st team was measured against a history of Catalan basketball such as REUS PLOMS LA SALLE (remember that REUS LA SALLE is always linked to another club). The first quarter ended 20-13 and at that moment two players from the U16 TEAM and another two from the U18 TEAM were on court. At the beginning of the second quarter the score became 20-16 and possession of the GOLDEN TEAM. It was a magnificent day in which DAVE KING stood out with 26 points and 14 rebounds, in addition to the rest of the players such as CAÑETE (a triple scored), but the important thing is that the training project in the 1st Catalana has taken off and has done so with 5 players from TEAM U16 and 2 from TEAM U18. The best is yet to come.


The U16 Team played a game in the morning on Saturday, September 17, 2022. It was an early game and the players had a hard time picking up the pace until after HALF TIME in which, thanks to a 7-0 run, they got the first advantage in the game. marker (28-27) that was not let slip until the end of the game. The U18 Team also played a match in the morning on Saturday, September 17, 2022, which was very useful for the players of the years 2005 and 2006 to have many minutes and enjoy an intense match against a powerful rival.

Finally, on the afternoon/evening of Sunday, September 18, 2022, the GOLDEN TEAM went to the REUS DEPORTIU Pavilion in which a tournament organized by the local team was being played. As is usual in most preseason games and given the difficulties caused by the table (which scored triples when they were 2-point baskets) and the chaotic arbitration (pointed out 4 technical fouls due to simulation and protests), by decision of our CEO the game was stopped in the third quarter. These irregularities do not help the preseason games to be of quality.


In addition to the U16 (Cadet) and U18 (Junior) Teams, training sessions for the U14 (Children's) Team have started this week and next week the U12 Women's Team. Next Saturday, September 17, the U16 and U18 Teams will face the rivals of EL CARME BÀSQUET at the Poliesportiu de La Canonja.


An absolutely interesting match played at the CB SALOU Pavilion -the last team in which our CEO played in the 90s-. CB SALOU currently plays for LEB PLATA and hosted a match between two ACB teams. The typical pre-season match in which we could see VÍCTOR CLAVER in action, who at the end of the match was photographed with several of our players from the GOLDEN TEAM, U18 and U16 teams. CLAVER played for PORTLAND between 2012 and 2015 and is one of the best athletes in the sport of Spanish basketball, since in addition to numerous titles and medals, he is one of the few Spanish players who has spent 3 seasons in the NBA.


Both our club and the professional law firm that manages the club, as well as the like the FPN Foundation to help adolescents, show their TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE REJECTION of episodes with insults racists within a basketball game. Last Sunday was lived With great sadness the action of some players of the subsidiary of CB SALOU who were not up to the noble shield of the Salou entity they represent. We hope and wish that expressions like the ones that were heard will not be heard again, nor the gesture below the neck that some players made imitating a professional REAL MADRID player. Really, the experience is not pleasant and the values ​​that we promote from our SOLIDARITY AND SUPPORT club are clear. From our club and other entities that sponsor and help our club we show total rejection of this type of action.


The local team welcomed us to celebrate a friendly, and we want to thank the ADT Board of Directors for the support and courtesy shown. It was an intense match from power to power that ended up being decided in favor of our U16 team due to their ability to maintain physical and mental intensity throughout the match, since in the final stretch the local team was very intense and played very well. .


The senior players plus some of the U16 and U18 teams face their 3rd week of training. Furthermore, on Wednesday the 31st the U16 team will face the ADT of the same category, and on Sunday the 4th of September the GOLDEN TEAM will face off against the CB SALOU B which also plays in the 1st Catalan division.

OUR CEO David Peña i Nofuentes turns 47.

The lawyer and CEO of the club assumes the start of the second year in front of the club's management and has blown out the candles of his 47th anniversary together with his closest relatives. The director has achieved in less than 1 year that from a single U16 team (cadet) with 7 players this second season there is a U18 team (junior) and the success of getting the place in the Catalan 1st for the FARLAWSPORTS GOLDEN TEAM team. In addition, his ability in the offices has allowed the best sponsors to join the project.

OUR TEAM U16 adds a victory by 57 to 64 against JUNIOR from La Puebla de Alfindén

Our U16 players reinforced with some U18 players won the JUNIOR team of the group that plays in EBA. It was a real game played in an environment of more than 35 degrees and very hot, and under pressure from the local public, but the players of our team managed to keep the lead on the scoreboard throughout the game.


Our senior team has traveled by bus to Puebla de Alfindén where it has been measured in a highly disputed match against a team that plays in the EBA category. A player from our GOLDEN TEAM scored the initial triple (0-3) to get the first lead in the history of our senior. During the match, in addition to the available players from the senior team, two players from the U16 Team, born in 2007, made their debut.

Incorporation of Roger Esteller Juyol in FARLAWSPORTS

Our basketball club celebrates its second season,

We can announce the incorporation of ROGER ESTELLER JUYOL as Technical Director of the entire club as well as COACH of our first team FARLAWSPORTS GOLDEN TEAM that will play in FIRST CATALAN LEAGUE. 

Esteller will play like a player too,


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