These days we have read that Messi does not stay at FCB due to problems with the salary cap of the LFP: lie or half-truth. We have also read that thanks to Piqué’s salary being reduced, the FCB has been able to register other players: more lies or more partial truths.

The salary cap exists in the LFP but does not work so easily as to justify the departure of Messi or the loss of salary of Piqué. No. The rules governing the salary cap can be read by everyone, and it is not easy to understand, but in any case it is clear that a player can not lower his salary when he wants to be able to “help” a registration of other players , as it goes against Articles 38 and 39 of the Budgeting Rule (LEP).

Nor is it real that a franchise player like Messi who ended his contract on June 30, 2021 has been in the Copa America for almost 5 weeks and that before him FCB has signed Agüero, Depay, Emerson and Eric Garcia. We should not confuse signing players without paying a transfer with signing 4 players who occupy a salary cap which subsequently causes Messi to have no salary space. In conclusion, we can say that if the Barça team had really wanted to renew the Messi player, the most logical thing from a budgetary point of view would have been not to incorporate the four players they have incorporated before renewing Messi.

Everyone can come to the conclusions they want but it is indisputable that when you occupy salary space with the player Agüero who can play in the same position as Messi it is clear that you were already thinking about not renewing Messi, who probably already had an agreement with the team. from Paris a year ago when he sent the burofax in the summer of 2020 announcing that he was leaving.

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