David Peña, José Codina con Ares


Last Thursday, August 27, 2020, we were visited by José Codina, Albert Herreros and the dog Ares, a specialist in the search for missing persons. Our professional office always supports solidarity initiatives and we thought it was extraordinary to hear the project they told us about a 100-minute documentary about a complicated disease such as Alzheimer’s.

José Codina and Albert Herreros have made a series of promotional trips to explain the message they want to convey about the affected people who are about 800 thousand in the Kingdom of Spain. Mr. Codina’s mother suffered from this disease and José was her caregiver and that is why she knows the connotations that the person who does these tasks lives and suffers.

Our professional firm showed the utmost respect for the work done, and made available to the protagonists the legal resources of our professional firm.