Davd Peña i Nofuentes en un viaje a Manizales (Once Caldas)

Dave Peña i Nofuentes is a Lawyer (Sports Law). Here in a International Road about Sports Law


A law firm like ours provides the service to clubs and SADs dedicated to multidisciplinary advice that covers the 360 ​​degrees of business activity (sports, legal, economic, social and Media). It is not easy to work in the field of planning, much less so in the big clubs. Take the example of the “TriCampeón” of the Champions League, Real Madrid has lurched and replaced Zidane with Lopetegi, and in a few months Zidane has returned to replace Lopetegi’s replacement, who was Solari for another few months. The white team has not found a substitute for “Ronaldo Sistema” either, and the dependence of the last decade on the Portuguese star will take time to be replaced by another type of sports recipe. In any case, neither Messi nor Ronaldo, the Champions League in the last two editions has been played by teams that do not have any of these 2 stars. What happens inside a playing field is always a consequence of the management that is carried out outside it by the sports management, the economic management and the social mass. Ronaldo, 34, traded Real Madrid for Juventus.

Real Madrid was the most champion of 4 of the last 5 Champions, being the key Portuguese player in most of the key matches in the qualifying rounds of the European competition. Juve was eliminated by Ajax from Amsterdam, and everything seemed headed for Messi to win the title, especially after the 3-0 over Liverpool with the exhibition of the Argentine star. But in Liverpool it was clear that the squad that made up the Barça team is not qualified to compete in the top European competition. Once consummating the disaster of elimination for the fourth consecutive season after being thrashed 4-0, and showing signs at some stage of the game that these players and the coaching staff were ignorant of how to manage a second leg of a first leg tie. back, without a doubt, Messi cannot win his fifth Champions League title of the last 13 in which he has participated. The 8 to 2 fit on Friday, August 14, 2020 against Bayern Munich confirms and ratifies the terrible and regrettable business planning of the Barcelona team. Madrid hosted in 2019 the very final in which two English teams played it. However, both teams are not trained by English coaches and the best players in both teams are not. At Liverpool we have a German coach (who played the third final of the top European tournament) and the star is Salah, from Egypt, and he only has 9 English teammates, 3 of whom have dual nationality. On the other hand, Tottenham is coached by an Argentine coach, the star being the Englishman Harry Kane, although they only have 8 English players (of which 3 have dual nationality). That is to say, the sports data confirm that although it is two English teams that reach the decisive match in Madrid, in both teams the English are a minority both in players and in the coaching staff where the German Kloop and the Argentine Pochettino lead. Today we will live the Final in Lisbon between PSG of France and Bayern of Germany, being a final with a lot of budget spent in recent years. Especially the Parisian team needs to win on the field to show that the economic waste makes winning sense. That is, win at any cost.

In any case, in the Barça team in 2019 only Alba, Piqué, Roberto, Busquets and Aleñà are Spanish, although the coach was also Spanish. Equally one of the reasons for the loss of identity in the game and in dominance is the decrease in decisive Spanish players who in recent years have been leaving the club: Valdés, Puyol, Pedro, Xavi, Iniesta … In the summer of 2019 only They signed Griezzman and De Jong, and in January 2020 they replaced Valverde with another coach who, without a doubt, it was clear that little or nothing could contribute to an aging wardrobe without competitive hunger. Intense months are coming in the field of sports planning, which must be accompanied by good economic and financial planning, especially without taking into account that there is a global health problem that does not allow for clear competitive scenarios such as the calendar, if the public you will be able to access the stadiums, what will happen with the advertising contracts … Hopefully the passion (sometimes obsession) to train and play, is neutralized by good competitive planning based on the prism of good advice.