Foolishness can be both a mere anecdote and a category. Incurring foolishness is frequent, however clever or intelligent one may be, because of a mental lapse, sloppiness, forgetfulness, haste, or other factors, the logical limits in a given situation to make a decision or perform an action that is not Redunda in own damage or of third parties are relegated. Regardless of the result of said decision, favorable, indifferent or adverse, nonsense refers to the incongruous or potentially harmful of said decision, when a thoughtful approach, with the express or tacit information available to the subject at that time, to that situation would determine not take it or not execute it in the chosen terms. All foolishness is detrimental in itself, even if it is only formulated, but there are insignificant foolishness in its effects, although not for that deeply stupid and revealing of incompetence, that is, of the manifest lack of resources or knowledge to deal with a situation.

Incompetence in a position of responsibility can lead to enormous ills, without good intentions, kindness, humility, empathy or a good image having anything to do with her development on the part of the subject who suffers it and makes it suffer. others. Next, nonsense and categorical nonsense and incompetence of the passage through Russia of our selection: 0. After the justified dismissal of Lopetegui, elect Hierro before Celades, U21 coach with a past record in RM and BCN who had not intervened in the cessation in any sense, without speaking in favor of Lopetegui to continue as Hierro did. , coach without relevant experience or accredited knowledge in high competition, when it was logical to run the ladder. 0. Once Hierro was chosen, he made a series of foolish decisions that referred to a higher stage of incompetence, such as basically: keeping De Gea against the universal perception (press, fans and colleagues) that he was not psychologically capable of enduring the pressure of the Spanish goal and the empirical confirmation that nothing stopped (without changing it even before the penalties in eighths, reserving a change); to ignore the suggestions of the most veteran players and laureates to play with Aspas instead of Costa, who already supposed to leave the world cup in Brazil through the back door, being the previous champion; dispense with the false nine system with which Spain has never lost either in an official or friendly match against the historical and most recent experience (3-0 against Italy in qualifying and 6-1 against Argentina in friendly); dispense with the information at your disposal on this last aspect, which is absolutely key, as the Argentine newspaper Clarín revealed in an excellent review of the Spanish playing history from 2008 to 2012 and what happened afterwards so that we no longer competed well level; forgetting to prioritize the speed in the circulation of the ball over driving and the short circuit that Isco caused in all the matches of the final phase.

Foolishness and incompetence are stages that can be permanent, if one does not learn or want to learn from their mistakes, or train to avoid them.

This article is the work of our friend, the jurist Javier Satué, co-author of “Soccer 2.0. The decline of pale-soccer?”.