In recent days the dramatic situation experienced by a professional club has come out too much in the public eye. Well, the drama is for the social mass of amateurs of the team that sees the real possibility of losing the category in the middle of January. We can not talk about so much drama by the owners of the club that, in short, they know that like any business that has a risk in certain occasions can earn some benefit, but at other times it can also reach economic bankruptcy.

If any market has not suffered the famous crisis is the professional football market. Indeed, from 2007 to the current year 2019 we can not lose sight of the fact that workers (footballers) in the professional football sector have minimum guaranteed economic rights as a minimum professional salary that can not be guaranteed in any other sector. The team players that compete in LA LIGA have not suffered the crisis, since there is a controlled market with many rights for workers in the sector. Now, this implies that the managers and owners of the clubs and mercantile companies that operate in this market can do what they fly. That is, LA LIGA guarantees economic rights that the clubs with franchise to this competition charge yes or yes, and depending on these economic rights THE LEAGUE allows a salary limit to pay players and other expenses.

This may seem easy to have a balanced budget, but the contemporary general culture shows that citizens do not know how to manage their individual assets, and as businessmen we have seen that the great crisis arrived curiously on the basis of “budget bloated banking”, since many people they have thought and think that one can live on credits and loans, when reality implies that economic life will always depend on the real incomes that enter.

We return to the case “star” of this sports season: the Reus Deportiu of the Second Division A has suffered economic problems motivated to have the headquarters to a city with a stadium with less than 4,000 locations, with a small social mass, with an almost nonexistent sale of shirts, where they do not have a sponsor and with the lowest salary limit, logically, of the category. Now, if the club has received in 3 seasons to Second Division A a certain number of euros (we put about 6 million per season) and has a debt of almost another 6 million, without a doubt, the economic situation is irreversible and if THE LIGA it limits the source of possible income, and does not allow you to register the franchise player who could have dragged advertising campaigns and movement to the social mass, without a doubt, together they have achieved a situation of maximum complexity.

With good legal advice you could surely have managed not to cross the line that limits entering the problem or staying at the doors. In any case, LA LIGA has shown a strong hand with the red-and-black set, and it has not helped that the workers (players) did not want to collect from the LA LIGA economic fund and force the collection of the owner of the company. club. Players have the right to collect and can choose whether to charge from LA LIGA or collect the club or be free, and so we have seen that some players have been free and have not cashed, at the moment.