On April 28, 1988 it represents an important historical episode. On this date, the squad of FC Barcelona’s first team, who had been in Copa del Rey for less than a month, decided to meet at the mentioned hotel, in order to present a statement about the performance of the football club for which they work who refused to pay the taxes and fines derived from inspection actions of the Tax Agency that 1987/88 season initiated a series of inspections to tax declarations of players such as Schuster, and saw that there was an important mark between what the player said and what the club said.


The German player declared that he won 25 million pesetas, and here an irregularity was detected by the Tax Agency that affected all the players in the first template, and this derived from the management of image rights, and the low tax withholding carried out by the Barça club.


The statement contained 7 points and in them reference was made to the following aspects that we cited in a summary:


1.- That the template was united;


2.- That the staff had lost confidence in President Núñez;


3.- That President Núñez had not fulfilled the agreed commitments;


4.- That President Núñez caused the rupture between the fans and the staff;


5.- That President Núñez had been speaking for 3 months without talking to the players of the first team, nor did he congratulate them for the Cup title obtained in March 1988;


6.- That the President did not have his Board of Directors;


7.- The intention to recover the seriousness of the historic club and its values ​​as identifying the idiosyncrasies of the Catalan people.


As we can see, the statement made no mention of the problems with the Tax Agency, because what really bothered the Barça players was that President Núñez did not want to know anything about the personal fiscal problems of each player, while Mendoza as President of the Royal Madrid was aware of the payment of taxes as well as in the daily management of the first white template. In this sense, the international players Zubizarreta, Julio Alberto, Alexanco, Víctor, Carrasco and some others commonly coincided with the selection with Butragueño, Michel, Martín Vázquez, Gallego or Camacho and therefore they knew first hand the difference between the management of ” one and another club.


As a final reading, we can say that FC Barcelona 30 years later continues with legal problems of taxation (Messi, Mascherano, Neymar …) and seems to have not learned the history lived 3 decades ago.